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Amigo Energy is a retail electricity provider that serves both residential and commercial sectors in the state of Texas. It is one of the 71 electricity retailers that had emerged as a result of deregulation of the power sector in Texas. Amigo Energy was established in the year 2003 and is one of the oldest power retailers in the state of Texas. In the year 2007, Amigo Energy was taken over by Fulcrum Power and thereafter in the year 2011, Fulcrum Power was acquired by Just Energy Group, which is a power and energy major with a total of 1.8 million satisfied customers in North America.

Amigo Energy has carved a niche for itself in the Texas electricity sector as a provider of low rate electricity. With the deregulation in the electricity sector, consumers in the state of Texas are always exposed to the price risk. Amigo has helped them manage this risk by offering low and fixed rates. These rates remain locked in for fixed periods of time enabling consumers to plan their budget and expenses accordingly. The predictability in the future electricity bills has enabled the commercial consumers to plan their business activities in a much better way. Also, low rates mean huge cost savings for the commercial consumers. This has made Amigo Energyfavorite electricity provider for many consumers in Texas.

Amigo Energy’s promise to provide low fixed price electricity to its consumers does not stop at its commercial consumers. The same facility is extended to the residential customers as well, and Amigo Energy has bought substantial cost saving to the residential consumers. The residential customers are entitled to some other benefits also by way of incentives and promotional offers. Amigo Energy, due to its low rates, has earned the reputation of being one of the cheapest electricity providers in Texas.

Amigo Energy also boasts of outstanding customer support services. Friendly and prompt customer support service is essential in the electricity sector, and no company can survive just by offering low prices. Amigo Energy understands this and makes sure that it offers the best possible services to the customer. Apart from offering low prices and excellent customer services, Amigo Energy also does their bit for the larger interests of the society.  They are the providers of 100% renewable energy, and they also have corporate social responsibility initiatives that help their customers donate a part of their electricity bills for social causes. Low prices and excellent customer service have made Amigo Energy the most preferred electricity provider in Texas.

To sign up with Amigo Energy, you can use a promo code or coupon located on Kilowatt Consultants’ home page. With this promo code, you can save additional money on your home electricity bill. Kilowatt works as a supporter for you and your energy needs by leveraging their client’s dollars to negotiate better rates. Now is a great time to partner with Kilowatt Consultants as their promo code with Amigo Energy is resulting in great reductions in rates.

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Champion Energy Services located in Houston, TX is an easy company for Kilowatt Consultants to recommend to their customers. Kilowatt Consultants is a retail electricity provider that works with customers in the state of Texas to help them find the most cost effective energy rates for their homes or businesses. Champion Energy Services is one of their partners and a great one at that. For three years in a row, Champion Energy has won the J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction award. This means that they are offering positive 24 hour services to their customers and easy to understand billing practices.

Champion Energy Services is also known for being the top electricity provider that has not ever been affiliated with a utility company. This is quite a feat in and of itself as they broke onto the energy scene with a lot of competition from these utilities company partners. Now consumers are benefiting from all of their hard work which helps them to bring lower rates and better service all in one.

Champion Energy began in 2002 when deregulation went into effect. This Houston area energy company is not only the top in Texas, but they rank among the very top in REPs in the United States as well. They actually service commercial, residential, and industrial consumers in a few different states to include Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Champion is funded by Crane Capital and EDF Trading North America and they are the quickest growing commercial electricity provider in the United States.

So how does Champion keep their fees so low? They work very hard to reduce operating costs and to run their company efficiently. They also negotiate prices from the energy wholesale providers to ensure their customers are getting the very best rates. Kilowatt Consultants can even add to these low rates with their Champion Energy promo code or coupon program. With the promo code found on the Kilowatt homepage, customers can find additional savings with Champion Energy.

When you consider that there will not be any fees for switching and that it is possible to have the deposit waived, making the choice to work with Champion and Kilowatt Consultants is a very smart one. If you have made your electricity payments on time for the last 12 months, just get a letter from your provider and you can get the deposit fee waived without having to have a credit check done. This is a great option for people who want the benefit of not having to put down a deposit but do not want the inconvenience or the notification sent to the credit bureau.

Then with options of 6 – 24 month plans (and even some options of month-to-month plans) you will have the flexibility you need in your energy contract. Before you decide to work with Champion Energy, learn more about Kilowatt Consultants and how they can facilitate more savings for you. Imagine going to the mailbox every month (or checking your online billing option) and finding that you have saved more money to spend on the things that really matter to you.

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Electricity Deregulation in Texas

Electricity consumers in Texas have the right to choose the best electricity rate, which forces the electric companies to compete with one another to be on top. Online resources, such as Kilowatt Consultants, are there to help you understand more about the electricity market place and electricity rates in Texas.

The more knowledge that you have on the subject, the easier it will be for you to choose the electricity provider that fits your budget and needs. But before that, you need to understand the facts related to electricity deregulation in Texas.

The deregulation in the energy market of Texas has given millions of people the power to choose between electric companies, and the providers you want for your home. The deregulation allows companies to compete among themselves to sustain their business. Here are few facts about deregulation and how it could be useful for you to determine your best electricity rates in Texas.

  • Electricity deregulation in Texas was regulated on January 1, 2002.
  • Under the deregulation, you can choose to get your electricity service from the Retail Electricity Provider who will source the electricity for you, and send you your bill.
  • You can compare the offers from the top companies in Texas and get the rates all at once.
  • If you choose one of these new providers, then your power is still transferred from the local utility over the exact same power lines. The only thing that will be changing is your customer service bill, electricity rate, and your bill.
  • Though deregulation is active in most areas of Texas, some customers in few areas do not have the power to choose their own providers.
  • Basically, the Retail Electricity Provider competes on service, price, and ability to provide services like renewable energy as a substitute.
  • The deregulation concept promotes competition among the REPs, which in turn, brings in competitive pricing.
  • Since the start of the deregulation program, many new providers have come into the market with competitive electricity rates in Texas that give you the option to choose.
  • The Public Utilities Commission of Texas continues to watch and regulate the electricity that is being delivered so that the consumers are protected.
  • Many REPs offer loyalty and promotion plans that will be of help to consumers to save on their electricity bill.
  • There are energy providers that can supply 100% renewable energy products that help you reduce your carbon footprint while saving.

Added to all this, electricity providers in Texas have taken measures to give their consumers energy service for their homes without any hassle. Login to the Kilowatt Consultant website and enter in your details to see the electricity rates in Texas closest to you.

In just a few clicks, you can compare the rates that different companies would like to offer you. After choosing, in another few steps, you can have your service connected. The electricity deregulation facts that are detailed above could help you have a clear picture of how it can really help to cut down on your bills.

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MXenergy / Constellation

If you live in Texas, Georgia, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky, Kilowatt Consultants is proud to announce that you can now receive energy through their partner, MXenergy (now called Constellation as of June 1, 2012). If you don’t live in one of those states, Kilowatt might still be able to assist with one of their many other partners in various states.

As a premier provider of natural gas, electricity, and green energy, Constellation helps to bring you the power of choice. With lower energy bill options, both homeowners and business owners can see where they can make reductions to save money. Kilowatt offers you the simplest way to see how much money you could save with Constellation or other Retail Electric Providers (also called REPs). In some instances, Kilowatt has promotional codes or coupons available.

Everyone loves a good deal lately, and promo codes work to bring them to you. By partnering with REPs for the very best rates, Kilowatt can pass those savings on to you and thousands of other homeowners and business owners.

In addition to promos and coupons, one of the many other ways people are trying to save money is by being more energy conscious. Finally, energy deregulation allows people to find lower rates, but many people also continue to use energy saving tips in their home for the lowest bill possible. No matter which REP you choose to work with, these tips can increase the money in your pocket:

1)    Learn how to properly operate all ceiling fans in your home. Having your ceiling fan operating correctly can make it so you can lower your thermostat by up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have frequently used rooms without ceiling fans, consider having them installed for energy efficiency.

2)    When taking a shower, remember to use the bathroom fan to remove heat and humidity. If your fan doesn’t seem to be doing the job (your mirrors are still fogged up when you get out of the shower) you might want to get a better unit, especially if your home is newer. Some builders just put in a very basic fan though there are more capable units available.

3)    Figure out how to use your microwave or crock pot for cooking to keep the kitchen cool. Turning on the oven can heat up the entire kitchen quickly. Instead of baking, choose fresh fruits with whipped cream for dessert or ice cream! Grill outside (keep the door to the house closed as much as possible though) and keep the heat out.

4)    A long lingering bath might sound good on those stressful days, but go for a short shower instead and spend some time just meditating in a quiet place. A bath uses much more energy than a shower and doesn’t do anything more to keep you clean.

Working with Kilowatt Consultants can help you to find the lowest electric rate wherever you live, but keeping these tips in mind will bring the savings home even more. For information on Constellation or any of the other REPs Kilowatt works with, visit their website today.

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Finding the lowest residential electricity rates is something Kilowatt Consultants does on a daily basis. By working with many of the top Retail Electric Providers (REP) available, Kilowatt helps consumers put their money to good use by reducing their monthly power bills and helping families to save. Now families and consumers are saving even more by using Promo Codes offered by many of Kilowatt’s partners. One of these REPs is StarTex Power based in Houston, TX with an office in Dallas.

Many of the reviews are in and StarTex Power, one of Kilowatt Consultant’s premier partners, has won the Better Business Bureau’s Pinnacle Award for the last two years in a row. Not only did they win the award, but they were the only REP to do so. They also received an “A+” rating from the BBB in January of 2012 which is a very difficult rating to achieve. Citing a commitment to excellence, ethics, and high quality, the company was also rated the #1 fastest growing energy company by Inc. Magazine in 2009.

Clearly you can see why a StarTex Power Promo Code would be highly sought after by residential electricity consumers in Texas. Promo codes offer deeper discounts on electricity rates and can be found on Kilowatt Consultant’s main site. Just click on the promo code you are interested in, and it will take you directly to a page where you can check current rates and availability for your area. This way you can be assured you are getting the lowest rates from StarTex Power, however, they didn’t win all of those awards just for having the lowest rates.

StarTex is a leader in top notch customer service. A quick glance at their website, and particularly, their FAQ page, shows their commitment to their customers. Everything is explained in common sense English and no stones are left unturned. There is even a live chat option available right on their homepage should you have any immediate questions.

Do you want to know how to reduce your electricity bill even more? The StarTex site has a great feature that provides power saving tips, such as how to improve the performance of your air conditioner, that you can start using today to cut costs. Also, StarTex offers a 100% Texas Wind Powered option for your electricity needs. For those concerned about the environment, this is an excellent choice.

Many of the testimonials cite things like not having to be on hold and feeling like the agents were actually listening as reasons why customers continue to use StarTex. While lower energy cost is probably the first and foremost concern on residential electricity users’ minds, having great customer service on top of that is definitely a bonus.

So whether it is lower rates, green energy, or excellent customer service you are searching for, StarTex seems to have it all covered. Check out Kilowatt Consultants today to get your StarTex Power Promo Code so you can start saving on your residential electricity in Texas today.

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Getting promo and coupon codes for your favorite household items is something a lot of people are very familiar with, but did you know you can now get promo codes for the best electricity rates in Texas? One company, Kilowatt Consultants, is offering the opportunity to help you save big on your power bill by partnering with such providers as Gexa Energy, Champion Energy, StarTex Power, and Amigo Energy. So how can promo codes help you save?

Everyone knows that couponing, living on a budget, and getting items for the lowest price possible is very popular these days. Our recent economic situation has Americans playing the savings game with a fury never seen before. But what exactly is a promo code and how does it work?

A promo or coupon code is a set of numbers and letters that acts as an online discount. Many people scour the Internet looking for the latest and hottest codes to save money. You can use promo codes for everything from groceries to clothes, to entertainment, and now, even for your monthly electric bills.

Kilowatt Consultants has been helping Texans lower their residential and commercial electric bills every month through finding the best electricity rates. In Texas, by partnering with the premier providers listed above and working for you, they can help you find the best rates for your unique situation. The best part is that they truly work as a cost cutting advocate for consumers, and these new promo codes help even more.

For residential service, the promo codes are available to help you cut rates even further- up to 30%. The promo codes can be located right on their main web page which is

For commercial service, Kilowatt studies your business’ energy use and helps match you to the best supplier. It is important to know how your power provider charges for your electricity during peak times, for instance.

With business electricity use, some things to consider are times of the day or month when you might use more power than others and, of course, quality customer service to keep your company running efficiently. Perhaps you would like the option to be able to renew your contract online? Also, with either residential or commercial electricity, you may have a desire for “greener” energy. Some of our partners offer 100% green energy solutions. These are just some of the factors that we take into consideration.

In either case –residential or commercial- Kilowatt does the difficult work for you in helping to find the best electricity rates in Texas to fit your needs. They determine your current energy rates and use and analyze the information to make the best match. They go over provider contracts to find the best deposit rates and to see what penalties different suppliers might charge for early termination. They then explain all of the details to you so you can make the best possible decision with all of the proper information. This leaves you free to spend time with your family or running your business properly. Contact Kilowatt Consultants today to find the best electricity rates in Texas.

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If you are a small business with an energy bill of $2,000 or less per month, you should get a free online instant quote on your commercial electricity through Kilowatt Consultants. Kilowatt Consultants help companies like yours reduce their monthly energy costs by working with REPs (Retail Electric Providers) to negotiate lower prices. Now you can instantly find out online how they can cut your bottom line and make your business run more profitably.

Perhaps you have known for a while now that you might be able to save some money but you haven’t had the time to do all of the research involved. Since deregulation of electricity companies occurred, the process of finding the right energy match for small businesses has been confusing.

In the past, businesses didn’t have any choices when it came to energy costs. You basically had to work with whatever was in your area. Now, with so many new commercial electricity providers, there are a lot of choices, but it can be difficult to know if you are getting the very best deal. You want to partner with a company that not only provides you with the lowest cost, but also the best terms, great customer service, and high quality.

Working with Kilowatt Consultants helps you to cut through all of the noise and get right to these most important issues for the financial health of your company. Finding out the information that really matters in your electricity procurement helps you to make an informed decision based on facts and a proven track record of saving companies money.

When you obtain your free online instant quote from Kilowatt Consultants, you can be confident you are getting the best information in the industry on commercial electricity. With their pre-negotiated promo codes, Kilowatt uses the power of leverage and has partnered with only the highest caliber of REPs to bring you the lowest prices.

Currently, small businesses in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey can take advantage of the knowledgeable staff working at Kilowatt Consultants to match you to the best REP in your area. We are aligned with the fastest growing commercial provider in the country among many others.

Once you give us a bit of basic information, we can provide you with several individual quotes from different REPs based on your unique energy usage summary. On average, Kilowatt Consultants help companies save up to 30 % off their commercial electricity bills.

There are even options for such things as consolidated billing, green energy or environmentally friendly energy options such as wind, fixed and indexed products to meet your unique needs, straightforward monthly billing, web-based account management, one year or multi-year contracts, an option to earn airline miles, and 24/7 customer service to answer your questions, any day, any time.

The best part is that Kilowatt Consultants can get you the answers you want without requiring a lot of your time. You can continue to run your business all while they do the hard work to save you money. Visit the Kilowatt Consultants home page to get your free online instant quote for commercial electricity today.

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Benefits of Residential Electricity Deregulation in Texas

Residential electricity in Texas has undergone a major change in which customers have the choice and right to select their own electricity provider. After deregulation of the electricity market, the Retail Electricity Providers of Texas are offering competitive rates and better services. Since the launch of the program in 2002, customers are saving considerable amounts annually.

Before 2002, there were only a few electricity providers, each catering to different cities and counties. The residents were bound to get service from these providers and they had monopoly of the market. Due to this there was increase in price of electricity, which was becoming a burden.

Some of the service charges were high and there were differences in billing components of each service provider compared to others. The other problems faced by the residents included early termination penalties and security deposit requirements.

With the deregulation program, some of these have been modified by the providers, so that they can stay competitive. The deregulating of electricity is definitely a boon to the residents in Texas.

Like online travel and insurance quote generating websites, there are websites that provide a comparative quote of the electricity providers servicing your area. For this you have to enter your residential address and check for competitive residential electricity in Texas.

Each provider offers different plans depending on your usage. Some of the main benefits are seamless transfer of electricity services from one provider to another, better price, and better service.

The electricity is transferred through the same wires and the switching process to different service providers takes place within seven working days without power interruptions. The providers even offer electricity from renewable energy sources like wind, geothermal, biomass and solar energy.

The deregulation of residential and commercial electricity in Texas has boosted the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Texas is one of the states with most number of wind farms. This also benefits the residents indirectly, as new jobs are created in that region.

Geothermal energy available in Texas is from abandoned oil wells, which has naturally filled superheated water. This is used in production of geothermal energy in Texas. Texas also produces fuel from biomass. The source of biomass fuel is from urban, agricultural and forest wastes. Texas has a rich source of biomass fuel source and they have been generating considerable amount of power to power the industries. You can even chose, service providers who supply green power to residents.

There are new players entering the market and as the competition increases the customers has advantage and benefits. They are awarded with loyalty bonus, promotions and for referral programs. There is an overall improvement in services also. There is less power interruption and quick response to any customer’s problems.

Before moving to Texas, new customers can visit online websites, which give an idea of the electricity services of different providers, plans and rates in a particular area.

One site that provides a lot of information all in one place is Kilowatt Consultants. They even offer promo codes that provide additional savings. And this is not limited to only residential electricity. Commercial electricity operates in much the same way and now, through Kilowatt Consultants, businesses can order their energy services online.

The deregulation of electricity in Texas has raised the bar for healthy competition and has paved the way for major changes in prices and services for residential electricity in Texas.

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Tips to get cheap electricity in Texas

Cheap electricity in Texas is provided by many electricity companies that were formed after the deregulation of the Texas energy market. This has allowed people to choose their own electricity company to provide their best service to your home.

As you might know, Texas is one of those states that give its consumers the preference to choose any electric plan by breaking up the monopolies. You have the power to select from many different retail electric providers for both your business and home.

For most people, electricity bills largely depend on where they live in Texas and how they use electricity. However, the important question here is how to find the right electricity company to get cheap electricity in Texas?

There are many electricity companies out there that are ready to offer service for people living in a specific area. All that you need to do is enter your address and see for yourself the lists of companies that can provide cheap electricity in Texas. You can do a comparison of the price per incentives, kWh, monthly, length of contract, cost and renewable-energy content.

To help you determine which plan might be the best for you, you should work with Kilowatt Consultants. They can help you decide on an electric company that fits your needs and they also have coupon promo codes available to save even more.

Once you decide on the company that you want to get linked with, you can proceed with the order page. Click on the hyperlinks which give more information on the company’s customer service options.

You have electric plans for people who would like their electricity bill to be understandable and simple. These companies help thousands of people located at various places in Texas to cut down on the electricity bills. The rates can be trusted, and this is the best way to get cheap electricity in Texas.

Some of these companies can charge you more by increasing their customer service charges when you don’t use electricity much for some months. On the other hand, a few other companies charge you more during the summer when there is a great demand for electricity. This is how it works with most of the electricity companies in Texas.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is important that people look into every detail of the options given by these companies to maximize their savings. Here are some factors that you can consider while choosing your electric bill plan:

  • Do the electric providers charge more during winter or summer?
  • What is the deposit amount charged by them?
  • Are you are to reach to the service department of the electricity provider within a reasonable time?
  • What will be the early termination penalty? Will there be any charges if you need to move?
  • Does the electric provider that you have chosen bill charges that other provider do not?

Ask the above questions to your electricity provider before signing the papers. Although cheap electricity in Texas is provided to you by many electric companies, it is best to ask yourself these questions before getting into any plan. If you can minimize your electric usage, and get a reliable electric provider, then you are sure to save a lot of money in the long run.

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Pennsylvania is one of the US States that is a deregulated energy state, which means that residents can shop for the best Pennsylvania electricity rates.  Pennsylvania residents are not dependent on an energy provider and have the benefit of finding the best priced utilities.

In the past, the government capped energy rates.  This is no longer the case and residents in Pennsylvania are no longer required to pay this increase in price.  The news gets even better.  With this deregulation, there have come into existence a number of companies that are offering competitive Pennsylvania electricity rates to get the business of the residents within Pennsylvania State.

The selection of energy companies is great and you will need to do your homework to determine what each offers.  There are some companies out there that offer low rates.  There are others that offer higher Pennsylvania electricity rates but include added benefits.  And, you will find that some companies offer both.

The best idea is to find an energy advocate like Kilowatt Consultants to help you sort through all of the options. They even offer promo codes with trusted energy partners like Champion Energy Services so you can save even more. You can find their Champion Energy Services promo codes (which work just like a coupon) right on their home page.

The idea is to save money on a needed resource.  Deregulation provides consumers with the power to save money by being able to select their electricity and / or gas provider that caters to your specific needs and offers the best rates and benefits.  For those that are an environmentalist, you have the added advantage of having a wider selection of plans to choose from.  You can even get a program that is 100% renewable so you can feel comfortable knowing you aren’t adding to the energy crisis.

Some advantages to what Kilowatt Consultants will be able to offer you include:

  • An average savings of 30% of your energy costs
  • Energy experts to manage your needs
  • Help to ensure the best energy rates

There are many online sites that work directly with trusted retail electric providers that provide multiple quotes.  The advantage of working with Kilowatt Consultants is that they have contracted with the electric providers including Champion Energy Services and are able to offer the best packages at the most discounted Pennsylvania electricity rates.

Consumers have the advantage of experts on their side that analyze and manage their electricity needs.  This frees up time for the consumer and tedious research which they often know nothing about.  In just a short amount of time, the companies will negotiate, on the consumer’s behalf, the best possible rate and contract.  This is the ideal situation for business owners that need to concentrate on their business.  For homeowners, it is also ideal, as they have the assurance of dedicated experts to ensure their needs are met.

High Pennsylvania electricity rates can be a thing of the past with Kilowatt Consultants on your side. Contact them today for a free consultation and to find out how they can help you save your hard earned money.

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