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Kilowatt Consultants provides Residential electricity in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York to lower your electricity bills. Kilowatt Consultants can help you save up to 30% on your Residential electricity power bills.



Why should I work with an energy consultant?

An energy consultant is able to leverage your buying power and minimize your risk in the complex power industry. A consultant is able to use competition among REPs to negotiate a better rate on your electricity. Unlike direct salesmen, energy consultants always have your business’ best interest in mind because of their unbiased representation of the energy providers. We conduct our business face to face and our relationship with our client continues after the best contract is secured. The experience of using an energy consultant allows for continued energy optimization and cost reduction.


What is the difference between the rates offered by REPs and the rates locked in by Kilowatt Consultants?

Significantly lower. We have the advantage of using your prior power consumption as leverage to ensure lower bids from competing REPs. In addition, the salespeople answering the phones for the REPs are also unable to visit you and see first hand the power needs of your organization. Kilowatt Consultants’ hands on approach produces creative solutions to each organization’s unique needs. So we get you a better rate while offering superior customer service.


Why don’t I make some calls and search the internet for the best rates?

Months of phone calls and google search still couldn’t produce the rates that Kilowatt Consultants can negotiate for your business through leveraging its network within the power industry. We not only find a better rate but we do it in days instead of months. Plus our prior experience allows us to offer advice that will ensure that you find a contract customized to your needs.

Deregulation Facts

Prior to 2002, your electric service was provided by a single electric utility. The consumer had no opportunity to choose. Since deregulation, businesses and homeowners have been able to compare e.....

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